Published Poems

“The National Audoban Society’s Singing Bird Clock”, runner-up in the 2022 Troubador International Poetry Prize, UK. Judges Joshua Bennett and Victoria Kennefick. Scroll down in link for all poems.

(The Gold Rush) “Sunflowers” Parentheses, Issue 5 (print only) Barcelona (Spain) 2022

“The Camel Ride at the Ruins of Palmyra” Angel Rust Issue #9 (Virgina, USA) March 2022

The Treeless Fjord Just Shy of The Arctic Circle“, “The Amethyst Geode in the Irish Hotel Spa“, “The Raised and Poised Flash Bulbs in the DarkAngel Rust Issue #5 (Virginia, USA) November 2021

(The Gold Rush)Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”, “San Francisco” Parentheses, Issue 4 (print only) Barcelona (Spain) 2020

“Reflections on Art” Quaranzine Vol. 19 (USA) May 2020

(Earth Castle) “The Maypole” The Tishman Review (print only) Michigan (USA) 2016 (defunct)

(Earth Castle) “Your Old Bedroom Window” Toho Journal Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) 2019

(A Mountain on Jupiter) “The Flames of Fall”, “Nirvana/Flesh”, “A Drawbridge in the Fog”, “Post Tenebras Lux” Assaracus: A Journal of Gay Poetry, Issue 23 Little Rock, Arkansas (USA) 2016

(A Mountain on Jupiter) “The Arrival of a Train” English and Spanish translation 100 Poetak Maiatzean / Poetas en Mayo (print only) Vitoria (Spain) 2018

featured in Presentation Video

(A Mountain on Jupiter) “Meditation on Art and Artists. El Greco / Ryan McGinley / Francis Bacon / Marc Chagall” Parentheses, Issue 1 (print only) Barcelona (Spain) 2017

(A Mountain on Jupiter) “Meditation on Art and Artists. Joaquín Sorolla” English and Spanish translation XVII Encuentro de Poetas en Red, Valladolid (print only) Valladolid (Spain) 2017

(A Mountain on Jupiter) “Meditation on Art and Artists: Rainer Fetting” Your Impossible Voice, Issue 7 United Kingdom 2015

(A Mountain on Jupiter) “Meditation on Art and Artists. George Pearson” Nimrod International Journal, Vol. 61, No. 2 (print only) Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA) 2018

(A Mountain on Jupiter) “Meditation on Art and Artists. Vivian Maier” The Missing Slate, Poem of the Week Karachi (Pakistan) 2015

(Billy Goat) “The Wall” Wilde Magazine, A Magazine of Art and Literature with a Queer Edge, Issue Four (print only)

(Billy Goat) “Godhavn” Agave Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue 2 United Kingdom 2014

(Billy Goat) “Portrait of My Family” English and Spanish translation XIX Encuentro de Poetas en Red, Salamanca (print only) Salamanca (Spain) 2018

(Billy Goat) “The Museum of Wind”, “The Moon Tree” Parentheses, Issue 3 (print only) Barcelona (Spain) 2019

(Suicide, 1964) “Vienna” Emerge Literary Journal, 2nd Anniversary Online Anthology, Vol. 1 (print only) Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA) 2013

(Suicide, 1964) “Barcelona”, “Brand New and Eternal” Barcelona INK, the city’s writings/08 (print only) Barcelona (Spain) 2013 (defunct)

(Suicide, 1964) “Suicide, 1964” Blue Earth Review, Volume IX (print only) Mankato, Minnesota (USA) 2011

featured in Presentation Video

(Suicide, 1964) “12BFREE”, “The Pacemaker”, “Indian Summer” Subliminal Interiors, USA 2011 (defunct)

(Blinking at Survival, unpublished) “The Edge”, “Death” The Gorilla Press, Vol. 1 Issue 3 San Francisco, Californina (USA) 2012

(The Lint the Moon Leaves, unpublished) “The New Models”, “Rainbow Trout” DIAGRAM 5.5 Ann Harbor, Michigan (USA) 2008

(The Lint the Moon Leaves, unpublished) “Hope for Lincoln” English and Spanish translation Equilibrar los tiempos Valladolid (Spain) 2019

No image available (Suicide, 1964) “Bridges” Northwind Magazine USA 2012 (defunct)

No image available (Blinking at Survival, unpublished) “A School of Fish” Mastodon Dentist USA 2009 (defunct)

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